Meghan and Harry’s Oprah Interview and the Problems of Protocol

Image description: Buckingham Palace  Most hypothetical rulebooks of ‘appropriate’ royal behaviour probably don’t include sitting down with a chat-show host in a garden in California. However, Harry and Meghan have never represented the model image of traditional British monarchy. Their recent televised conversation with Oprah Winfrey – which touched on issues such as personal security, […]

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Zoom in, Zoom out

Image description: the word “zoom” made up of black and white stripy lines. Both letter “o”s spell out “zoom in” and “zoom out” in capital letters. When my mother warned “If you keep looking at screens your eyes will go square”, I don’t think she was referring to online classes, but, nevertheless, I wonder if […]

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A map of England and Wales with their respective flags. Wales is separating from England.

WTF: Wales, the F***?

Image Description: a map of England and Wales, with their respective flags. Wales is separating from England. As a Welsh person currently stranded in England, I have grown a deep appreciation for my homeland and the way the Welsh government has approached the coronavirus pandemic. I miss mountains – how is England so relentlessly horizontal? […]

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