Image description: Pelmeni

From Russia to Italy: food discoveries from our years abroad

Image description: Two plates of dumplings, on a table. Maga Flores-Trevino—Aosta Valley – Seupa à la valpellinentze (Zuppa alla valpellinzese)   Food in the Aosta Valley, where I spent a big part of my year abroad, is a reflection of the cow-filled, mountainous land situated between France and Switzerland in Northern Italy. Mountain climate and […]

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Summer Recipes

I am a summer person. Despite my academic lifestyle and a never-ending list of hobbies, I am most content blissfully passed out on a sun-lounger by the local pool, letting the sun tan my skin as it crosses the sky, a book and an Aperol Spritz by my side. I spend most of the year […]

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The Raw Revolution

For my parent’s generation, catering for vegetarians was certainly not the ‘norm’. In fact, ‘vegetarian’ wasn’t a recognised term like it is today – plenty of people had never met a vegetarian before, and to embrace that title was to identify yourself as completely outside of the mainstream. Since then, social stigma has greatly improved […]

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