#EndSARS and Fela Kuti

Image Description: monochrome image of Fela Kuti with his arms raised. No musician has ever so suicidally walked the revolutionary walk as Fela Kuti in 1979, when he drove to the entrance of military head of state Olusegun Obasanjo’s barracks with a coffin, under gunfire, and demanded that the Nigerian Government take accountability for his […]

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close shot of a Muslim woman praying 

Why the idea of ‘Moderate Muslims’ is a narrative subtly rooted in Islamophobia

TW: Mentions of Islamophobia The term ‘moderate Muslim’, although commonly used without malicious intent, is a label I have always silently disagreed with. At a glance, it appears to be a vague, rather wide-ranging umbrella-term, invoking a range of perceptions; From imams making condemnations towards militant extremists yet again after each terrorist attack, to ‘Westernised, […]

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Ramadhan in lockdown

Ramadhan. To the naked eye, it could show weary, famished and thirsty faces. To the learned eye, it could suggest showing solidarity with the less fortunate. To the theological eye, it’s a kaleidoscope of entwining elements. Yet, when this month is expected to unveil itself during a global pandemic, what do our eyes envision? For […]

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