A river surrounded by fields and trees.

The day my laptop died

Image description: A river surrounded by fields and trees. I woke up as I would’ve normally, spooning myself a bowl of yogurt and granola as I clicked open my laptop to an infinitely black screen. This morning, the screen remained unchanged for far too long. My granola grew soggy as I clicked and held buttons […]

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On the spectrum

Image description: The autism spectrum infinity awareness symbol, which is multicoloured. I haven’t written this quite a few times. Over time, I’ve found any excuse not to do it. At one time, it was: my partner doesn’t know this about me – they deserve to be told first; then, it’s not worth the effort; no […]

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An interview with Montezuma’s

Image description: Rows of colourful bars of chocolate next to a sign saying ‘Welcome to Montezuma’s Oxford, Extraordinary Chocolate.’ Oxford’s newest chocolate shop, Montezuma’s, has at last opened its vibrant doors on historic Queen street. Owners Helen and Simon Pattinson were kind enough to speak to Sophie and me about the opening of their seventh […]

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