Author: James McKean

22nd November 2012

Agony Journo

By Agony Journo

Care to introduce yourself, new Agony columnist? Journo’s the name and journalism is the game. Let me summarise my life…

PHOTO// Robert S. Donovan
14th November 2012

Agony Hack

By Agony Hack

Since I arrived at Oxford, I’ve been struggling socially. How should I go about trying to make friends? Let me…

PHOTO// seanmfreese
26th October 2012

Agony Toff

By Agony Toff

  Dear Agony Lad, there’s a fit Fresher at Teddy Hall that I really want to get with, but I…

PHOTO// Truus, Bob & Jan too!
26th October 2012

Agony Hipster

By Agony Hipster

Dear Agony Hipster, I work for the Kashmiri Earthquake Disaster Fund and we could really do with some publicity. Can…