Hollow Knight review: the perfect platformer

Image Description: Screenshot of the opening to Hollow Knight The release of big-budget open-world games like Grand Theft Auto V garners as much media attention as blockbuster cinema nowadays. Massive price tags get sweeping headline coverage: whether it be for the billion-dollar Avatar sequels or Cyberpunk 2077’s comparably modest $135,000,000, eye-watering expenditure is enough to let the […]

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Roguelikes – From Rogue to Deathloop, a Legacy of Replayability.

Image Description: The start screen of rogue, showing an armoured adventurer fighting a tentacled head.  In 1980, Rogue, an ASCII-art Dungeon-Crawler was released. Designed by Michael Toy, Glenn Whichman and Ken Arnold1, the game sees the player navigate their sprite through a randomly generated maze, gathering equipment, learning magic and fighting monsters in an effort […]

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A person meditating while sitting on a cliff near some mountains.

Can Gaming Act as Meditation?

Image description: A person meditating while sitting on a cliff near some mountains.  The representation of video games throughout mainstream Western media, particularly conservative outlets, has long been negative. Simply Googling ‘Fox News’ and ‘video games’ reveals numerous articles connecting video games to “mental health hazards”1 for children, with columns establishing tenuous links between violent […]

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