A person meditating while sitting on a cliff near some mountains.

Can Gaming Act as Meditation?

Image description: A person meditating while sitting on a cliff near some mountains.  The representation of video games throughout mainstream Western media, particularly conservative outlets, has long been negative. Simply Googling ‘Fox News’ and ‘video games’ reveals numerous articles connecting video games to “mental health hazards”1 for children, with columns establishing tenuous links between violent […]

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Two knights wearing armour and carrying swords

Tutorial Level: Crusader Kings 2- More Than Just a Colourful Map

Image description: Two men dressed as knights wearing armour and carrying swords.  Two writers, Robert James and Joshua Walker, review their favourite game: Crusader Kings 2, for Tutorial Level. Robert Macilraith Crusader Kings 2 popped onto my radar about four years ago, while looking up bad Game of Thrones theories on YouTube. I was soon transfixed […]

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Students join forces to create ‘The Oxford Minecraft Project’

Students from a number of colleges have come together to construct different Oxford environments in Minecraft, establishing a virtual community that is expanding by the day. The project was officially launched following The Oxford Student’s publication of Worcester College’s re-creation in Minecraft, spearheaded by second-year students Luke Rickard and Jordan Grinyer. Their efforts were mirrored […]

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