Review of a streetside bench

The nearby traffic instills an immediate cold and biting atmosphere. The location creates a large an obvious deviation from a bench’s usual setting, but somehow, amongst the noise and chaos, the result is harmony. Few things are superior to sitting down in general. But whilst sitting on this bench, One can almost feel the gravitas […]

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Image credit: Oxyman and Park Ji-Ho. (,_Oxford,_UK_now..._http_is.gd_1dtGz.jpg)

OxStu interviews Oxford: Cornmarket Street

After months of aggressive stalking, last week the Oxford Student eventually managed to land a one-off interview with Cornmarket Street. In a rare exclusive interview, we found him enjoying the weather having a vegan falafel wrap off in Christchurch Meadow, donning some trendy sunglasses, a sleeveless top, and a classic NY cap. Here’s what went […]

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Rower not annoying

[Note: the article that follows is a work of satire, and therefore should not be taken as factual] Jonathan Baker, a rower for St. John’s College, is shockingly not a total prick whose sole personality trait is rowing. The fourth year engineer, who reportedly didn’t once mention that he was a rower during a night […]

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