Mario Kart in full flow

The majesty of Mario Kart Wii

Believe it or not fellow gamers, but April 11th 2018 marked the 10th anniversary of Mario Kart Wii’s UK release. In honour of the game that encouraged hubris, pathos and lifelong grudges, let’s take a look back at some of the game’s most notable tracks:   Luigi Circuit Colloquial Names: Basic Boi, Noob Street No, […]

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An inside look at Oxford’s games development scene

The games industry is booming in the UK, and Oxford is no exception. Around 35 developers and publishers are registered in the county alone, such that in 2014 the Association for UK Interactive Entertainment recognised Oxford as one of 12 hubs in the country with the highest level of “games concentration”. With no specialised games […]

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Domi-Know game developed by local pupils to encourage language learning

A group of all female students at a local school have started their own company to encourage language learning. The group, from Oxford High School, created the company Quartz last September and have since developed a 3D language learning game called Domi-Know. Quartz was created as part of Young Enterprise, a UK charity that encourages […]

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