close shot of a Muslim woman praying 

Why the idea of ‘Moderate Muslims’ is a narrative subtly rooted in Islamophobia

TW: Mentions of Islamophobia The term ‘moderate Muslim’, although commonly used without malicious intent, is a label I have always silently disagreed with. At a glance, it appears to be a vague, rather wide-ranging umbrella-term, invoking a range of perceptions; From imams making condemnations towards militant extremists yet again after each terrorist attack, to ‘Westernised, […]

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“Fancy an Indian studying Greek!” How I found my place in the Classical Tradition as a British Indian

Image description: The famous Gandhara Buddha: a beautiful and moving fusion of Greek, Indian and Persian artistic motifs (Pakistan, 2nd century CE) Note: The author would like to clarify that the professor mentioned in this article is not an employee of Oxford University, nor is the summer school described one affiliated with the University. “Fancy […]

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