Diane Abbott at 'Don't Bomb Syria' Protest

How Diane Abbott’s treatment by her party highlights a bigger issue for black Labour supporters

Image Description: Diane Abbott at the ‘Don’t Bomb Syria’ protest Diane Abbott’s treatment in the media in recent years has been nothing short of a public persecution. Whether it is in regards to her drinking a ‘tinnie’ on the London Overground last spring or her getting the numbers wrong when discussing Labour’s plans for more […]

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Academics and identity in the face of the coronavirus pandemic

Image Description: Students receiving A-level results “You’re so smart!” Those were the words that characterised my years at school, particularly during GCSEs and A-Levels. Although these words were well-intentioned, constantly being called smart led me to internalise that label, and to define myself by that characteristic. Being academic became my identity, and something that I […]

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