The Oxford Student recognises that you may wish to make an editorial complaint about an article published in print or online. To do so, you should follow the below procedure.

In the first instance, you should contact the Editors in Chief at Please give as much detail as possible about the nature of your complaint, the article you are complaining about and the location of said article (print edition date, website URL). Complaints will only be considered if they are sent to this address; complaints on social media, to other Oxford Student email addresses, or the personal email addresses of the Oxford Student team will not be considered.

The Editors in Chief will then attempt to informally resolve your complaint if they are able to. Given that we are not staffed full time, this may take up to five days. Where possible, a resolution will be offered.

If a resolution is not possible or the resolution offered is not to your satisfaction, you may escalate your complaint to the Managing Advisers of the Oxford Student by emailing A panel of Managing Advisers will then meet to discuss your complaint. They may consult staff members at the OUSU or The Oxford Student’s legal advisers if necessary. 

The Managing Advisers will endeavour to provide a response to your complaint within seven days, but this may be delayed if external advice is necessary. Any delay will be clearly communicated to you. The Editors in Chief will be consulted on any editorial action that may arise from the Managing Advisers’ response to the complaint. 

If you are unhappy with the response, you may appeal to a higher authority. This may include the OUSU: details of their complaints procedure for student media can be found on their website here.

While we endeavour to keep complaints as confidential as possible, they may be read by people other than the person you address it to. Any response to a complaint, whether formal or informal, is strictly not for publication online or elsewhere.