COVID-19 vaccine equity: a global failure?

Image description: a Hawaiian newspaper with the headline “Mass vaccinations begin” As vaccination proceeds apace in the UK and amongst high-income countries around the world, there are growing concerns over vaccine inequity in a global context. Countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas have begun vaccination campaigns, delivering more than 175 million doses since December […]

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A map of England and Wales with their respective flags. Wales is separating from England.

WTF: Wales, the F***?

Image Description: a map of England and Wales, with their respective flags. Wales is separating from England. As a Welsh person currently stranded in England, I have grown a deep appreciation for my homeland and the way the Welsh government has approached the coronavirus pandemic. I miss mountains – how is England so relentlessly horizontal? […]

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Oxford SU Council votes in support of waiving residency requirements for Hilary 2021

Image Description: An aerial view of Radcliffe Square  The SU Council has voted in favour of a motion in supporting demands from students that the University should waive its residency requirements for the foreseeable future. However, the University stands by its stance that it will not lift residency requirements in Hilary term, citing “the educational […]

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