Collage of OxCGRT Coders

‘Defending ourselves with Data’: The Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker

Image Description: Collage of some of the OxCGRT coders in a Zoom-like format.   COVID-19 has undoubtedly wreaked havoc upon the world as we know it, with not a single individual unaffected. From travel, work, uni, everyday activities, to even face-to-face interactions, so much of what was once familiar and ‘normal’ has been taken away from […]

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a large herd of sheep

‘Herd Immunity’ approach backed by Oxford professor labelled as ‘fallacy’

Professor Sunetra Gupta of the Zoology department has had her proposal of herd immunity as a solution to the Covid-19 pandemic criticised by other leading scientists and student groups. Gupta co-wrote the ‘Great Barrington Declaration’ alongside Harvard’s Professor Martin Kulldorff and Stanford Fellow Jay Bhattacharya. The Declaration calls for the elderly and vulnerable to shield […]

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Oxford back on Amber Alert as cases rise, University says students “understand their responsibility”

Oxford has been placed back on amber alert and is close to the threshold for local restrictions after a significant increase in coronavirus cases this week, and speaking to The Oxford Student today, the University assures that its students are “great citizens who understand their responsibility.”  The seven days to the 25th September saw 67 […]

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EXCLUSIVE: University advisor explains why Oxford WON’T offer in-college testing

Following news that Cambridge University would be conducting weekly, in-college testing of asymptomatic students, many students at Oxford have expressed concerns as to why their university had not announced a similar policy. The University has now offered an official response exclusively to The Oxford Student, explaining their testing system, and why they do not have […]

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Oxford students set to help charities tackle the impact of COVID-19

Image Description: People sitting around a table with their laptops, working together Oxford students have joined a national consultancy effort to support local charities that have been negatively impacted by the coronavirus crisis. Six Degrees Oxford, a sustainability consultancy group, has partnered with the COVID-19 Student Response Network (CSRN), led by University of Bristol students. […]

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