From Jurassic Park to Gladiator – this year’s must-see films in concert

For those unfamiliar with the concept, concert films are film screenings with live orchestral accompaniment. Though the popularity of concert film has rocketed in recent years, they are by no means a recent development. The earliest known concert film was Concert Magic which premiered at the Charlie Chaplin Studios in 1947. Featuring the renowned violinist […]

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Funny… for a woman – equality in comedy

It’s a man’s world, and in comedy that holds true. Whether it’s Hollywood or stand-up, the funny side of the entertainment business is a largely male-dominated arena. When asked, ‘Who is your favourite comedian or actor?’, answers like Seth Rogen and Aziz Ansari often come before anyone mentions Betty White or Tina Fey. When an […]

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The title card for Fleabag

Fleabag – hilarity powered by sympathy

Anyone turning to Fleabag for the first time cannot but help bring with them a whole parade of preconceptions about modern comedy as it tells the tale of the socially awkward singleton, the overly-open protagonist, the emotionally damaged and manipulative, dishonest and perverted owner of a guinea-pig themed café in London. The creator and main […]

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