Two groups of individuals separated by two bubbles

Surviving in The Bubble: A Fresher’s Homage to Freshers’ Week 2020

Image Description: Two Bubbles separating two groups of individuals 1. THE ARRIVAL The day had come – after a year of personal statement revisions, nervous interview mumbling, pointless revision, and finally, the A-Levels fiasco, you are here. You are an Oxford student, following in the footsteps of famous and universally beloved alumni like Charlies Xavier, Nigella Lawson […]

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With a week until Freshers’, here’s our guide to the Oxford club scene

Ah, the Oxford clubbing scene. A veritable assortment of packed floors, questionable music transitions, and suspiciously cheap drinks. Despite what you may have heard about clubbing here, there really is something for everyone. Trial and error, as with so many things, is probably your best bet. So, with Freshers’ Week looming, allow me to run you through the selection on offer. […]

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The university packing list

After all of the stress, you’ve made it. The exams are done, the results good; your parents have gushingly informed every relative, neighbour and passing cat that you’ve got into Oxford; the dreaded bureaucracy of Student Finance has been appeased, and you’ve (mostly) overcome the post-results-night hangover. Plain sailing from here right? Wrong. And no, […]

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