‘We were so hungry, we ate our fear’: The uncertain consequences of Cuba’s protests

Image description: Protestors marching in Cuba holding Cuban flags and signs reading “Freedom to Cuba!” On Sunday 11th July, in the town of San Antonio De Las Banos on the outskirts of Havana, historic protests erupted against the Cuban government. In the following days the protests spread throughout the country, with protestors chanting ‘freedom’ and […]

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Collage of OxCGRT Coders

‘Defending ourselves with Data’: The Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker

Image Description: Collage of some of the OxCGRT coders in a Zoom-like format.   COVID-19 has undoubtedly wreaked havoc upon the world as we know it, with not a single individual unaffected. From travel, work, uni, everyday activities, to even face-to-face interactions, so much of what was once familiar and ‘normal’ has been taken away from […]

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Arresting meaning – The shifting sands of ‘Extremism’ on the road to Indian Independence’

Image Description: Image of a Quit India protest  Often debates about politics can get obscured by semantics. One of the words susceptible to creating this dilemma is branding something to be ‘extremist’ in nature. Usage of the word encompasses a broad spectrum, serving as a pejorative that could be foisted just as easily onto ISIS […]

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A magnified SARS-CoV-2 virus.

University announced new restrictions amid coronavirus lockdown

The University said on Tuesday that non-essential members of staff must work remotely and all UK-domiciled undergraduate students must return home absent exceptional circumstances. This was in response to Boris Johnson’s announcement of strict nationwide measures to curb the spread of coronavirus. The fresh restrictions come as COVID-19, the illness caused by the new coronavirus […]

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Debate: Decriminalising the license fee will let destructive market forces shape our BBC

By decriminalising the non-payment of TV license, the British Government would galvanise the erosion of British culture, a process begun during Thatcher’s Era. Over 90% of the licence fee is spent on BBC TV channels, radio stations, BBC iPlayer and other online services (including education services). It is no doubt that if you were born […]

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