Autism on screen: where Sia went wrong

Image Description: Maddie Ziegler wearing headphones while playing the autistic character ‘Music’ in Sia’s new film. Autistic people are not well served when it comes to seeing ourselves reflected in the media. According to Hollywood, we are either socially unaware geniuses or child-like Rain Men with special abilities from whom the neurotypical (non-autistic) protagonist learns […]

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Top 10 Movie Soundtracks

2018 has already brought us some fine soundtracks from Annihilation and Black Panther to You Were Never Really Here, but do these soundtracks deserve to rank amongst the greatest of all time? Of course, music, like film, is a subjective business, but from a personal point of view, here are ten soundtracks that can be […]

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Reviewing the OBA

Sheltering from the midday sun, I was grateful for the shade provided by the Phoenix Picturehouse’s second screen. I sank down into the seat and felt my shirt cling to the upholstery. Two became one, as I did my best Comic Book Guy impression, minus oversized beverage and ponytail. Collecting my thoughts before the Oxford […]

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