OULC and OULD release joint statement condemning Police and Crime Bill

Image Description: A police cordon from behind with officers wearing high-vis jackets reading “POLICE” at a protest.  Content Warning: Sexual assault, violence against women.  The Oxford University Labour Club and the Oxford University Liberal Democrats have released a statement condemning the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which is currently under consideration in the House […]

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Student Spotlight: Oxford University Liberal Democrats

Image description: the text ‘Oxford University Liberal Democrats est 1913’ against a background photo of students socialising with an orange tinted overlay and the Student Spotlight logo  As a mini series within the ongoing Student Spotlight series, we will be interviewing three student political societies: Oxford University Conservative Association, Oxford University Labour Club and Oxford […]

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Diane A. Reid and National Cancer Institute

Arsehole scientist causes a stir

Note: the article that follows is a work of satire, and therefore should not be taken as factual   Brendan Peters, a 4rd year engineering student from St. Catherine’s, has been recently making an absolute ponce of himself at political events across Oxford. The arrogant 21 year old from Surrey has recently started to attend […]

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Image credit clockwise from top left: Williams, Steve Punter, keywinchet239, Brianminkoff, NHSconfederation, ukhomeoffice

Intimidating aspects of Oxford politics discourage women from speaking

Despite the university’s history of producing prominent female politicians, the atmosphere of political discussion in Oxford does not encourage women to speak, say the women who completed a survey by The Oxford Student. Furthermore, when asked how often they spoke at political discussions, the most common response among those surveyed was “Hardly ever”, with many […]

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Eighth week election round-up

Conservatives The termly elections for positions on the Oxford University Conservative Association took place on 2 March at The Mitre. Harrison Edmonds, of University College, the Secretary in Hilary, was returned as President-elect. He secured 121 votes, giving him a 10 vote lead over his opponent, Wojciech Woźnicki of Christ Church, lately the Political Officer. Edmonds, a second […]

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