a group university graduates throw their mortar boards into the air

University congregation votes to abolish graduate application fee

The University Congregation has voted to abolish the Graduate Application Fee by 419-380 votes. The £75 application fee, which had been criticised as undermining access and diversity efforts by discriminating against those from low-income backgrounds, will be phased out by 2024-25. The vote was on the resolution: ‘To commit the University to the abolition of […]

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A Nation Outraged

In the psychodrama that is British politics, shock is a valuable commodity. We’ve been bombarded with so many dramatic resignations, scandals and eleventh-hour resolutions to impending doom that it seemed impossible to surprise us anymore. But on Wednesday this week, Boris Johnson shocked the mummified corpse of our political discourse back to life with the […]

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20 years of devolution: has it been a success?

This year marks two decades since the people of both Scotland and Wales voted ‘yes’ to devolution in referendums promised by Labour’s victorious 1997 manifesto. Blair was confident that devolved governments in Scotland and Wales would mean “the Union will be strengthened and the threat of separatism removed”. Since then, major policy areas such as education, health and housing have been dictated in […]

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