The YHA, where some formerly homeless people are being housed.

Oxford University joins City Council effort to house rough sleepers

The Saïd Business School, University College, and Pembroke College, alongside commercial hotels, are partnering with the Oxford City Council to free up 121 rooms to house rough sleepers. In late March, the government told councils it was “imperative” to house rough sleepers. Residents of shelters including O’Hanlon House and the recently opened Floyds Row had […]

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Students protest Oxford investments

Image Credit: Oxford Climate Justice Campaign The Oxford Climate Justice Campaign marched in protest on Wednesday for a “divested, disarmed and decolonized university”. The protest, which will take place on the National Day of Action on Divestment, will start at 12pm at Pembroke College. Protesters will then march to Exeter and New College.  According to […]

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Review: Guys and Dolls

The art of acting, at its best, is a way to lift an audience out of one reality and deposit them in another. It can take us to worlds of the imagination, but the more fantastic those worlds are, the trickier it is to pull off. Our suspension of disbelief can be easily destroyed through one false note, […]

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