Diane Abbott at 'Don't Bomb Syria' Protest

How Diane Abbott’s treatment by her party highlights a bigger issue for black Labour supporters

Image Description: Diane Abbott at the ‘Don’t Bomb Syria’ protest Diane Abbott’s treatment in the media in recent years has been nothing short of a public persecution. Whether it is in regards to her drinking a ‘tinnie’ on the London Overground last spring or her getting the numbers wrong when discussing Labour’s plans for more […]

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Mark Drakeford AM: Welsh First Minister discusses his Career, Oxbridge, and Brexit

Labour Assembly Member Mark Drakeford is known for his unassuming style of leadership. I was, I confess, taken aback slightly by Drakeford’s candour: particularly gutsy was his open indifference towards Oxbridge (especially as the Welsh Government has put improving access firmly on the agenda, through programmes like the Seren Network). My overall impression, however, was […]

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The return of Ali Bongo: what’s next for Gabon?

Image Description: President Ali Bongo (left) with ex-president of France Francois Hollande (right). On January 15th, Gabon’s president, Ali Bongo, returned home after an extended period of absence. The victim of a stroke in October 2018, President Bongo left Gabon for medical services. Leaving Gabon in political turbulence, in part engendered by an ineffective government, […]

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