Frustrated that your private-school child hasn’t been accepted to Oxbridge? Have a re-think.

Image description: Punting, a traditional student activity at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities. An article published yesterday by Nicola Woodcock, Education Correspondent at The Times commented on the frustration felt by parents of fee-paying students in regards to a decline in admission of private school students to Oxbridge. According to The Times, Anthony Wallersteiner, head […]

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The Westminster School, London, averages 70-80 Oxbridge places for its students per year.

Eight top schools get as many Oxbridge places as the next 2894 UK state schools combined, according to Sutton Trust report

Image credit: Cmglee. Description: the Westminster School, London, the students of which get 70-80 Oxbridge places per year. Eight top schools have as many Oxbridge admissions as the next 2894 UK schools combined, according to a new report by the Sutton Trust. The Trust suggests that little has changed regarding access to opportunity at Oxbridge […]

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In Defense of Fairer Access to Private Schools

An opinion piece by Mathew Parris in The Times on 14th December argued that this government should introduce and fund scholarships for 25% of attendees at private schools who could not otherwise afford to pay, thus ‘kicking down the doors’ to private education. I could not agree more, and my reasons are simple (though perhaps […]

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