Banana Tree Vegan

Review: Veganuary at Banana Tree

The annual month-long celebration of veganism is upon us – Veganuary. As someone who made the decision to eschew animal products seven years ago, I rejoice every time January rolls around. Supermarkets bring out sandwiches which aren’t stuffed with the uninspiring falafel-hummus combination, restaurants reinvent their vegan offerings (gone are the days of ‘house-salad-but-will-you-hold-the-cheese’). The […]

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Landeau chocolate

Starter: An unlikely find, but serendipitous nonetheless, spotted on a Sunday stroll in downtown Lisbon. Landeau, with its low-arching brick ceilings, is more monastic than your average chain and the tasteful lighting and décor transform the potential gloom of the side-street premises, revealing a central table area dotted with dim beams from overhead lamps, matched […]

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