Incredibles 2 Review

Image Credit: Flickr – Brickset (CC BY 2.0) After fourteen years, and an intervening thirteen films, including two Toy Story, two Cars, one Finding Nemo and one Monsters Inc. sequel[s], comes perhaps the mostly highly anticipated movie of the year (move over Infinity War!). After this much time, is a sequel to The Incredibles still […]

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Feeling So Real: An Ode to Moby

Richard Melville Hall is a man of modest means. Even when he gained a huge amount of critical acclaim for Play, his fifth studio album, the New Yorker remained grounded. In a personally memorable episode of the MTV series ‘Cribs’ around 15 years ago, his humble personality and modest abode provided a remarkably refreshing view […]

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A contemplative album requiring an attentive ear: Courtney Barnett delivers a slow burner

The first moments of Courtney Barnett’s latest album, Tell Me How You Really Feel, sound reminiscent of those of ‘Kim’s Caravan’ from her 2015 debut, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit. However, unlike the earlier track, which sees the brooding opening guitars become a howling penultimate song, ‘Hopefulessness’ slowly assembles itself […]

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The title card for Fleabag

Fleabag – hilarity powered by sympathy

Anyone turning to Fleabag for the first time cannot but help bring with them a whole parade of preconceptions about modern comedy as it tells the tale of the socially awkward singleton, the overly-open protagonist, the emotionally damaged and manipulative, dishonest and perverted owner of a guinea-pig themed café in London. The creator and main […]

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Review of a streetside bench

The nearby traffic instills an immediate cold and biting atmosphere. The location creates a large an obvious deviation from a bench’s usual setting, but somehow, amongst the noise and chaos, the result is harmony. Few things are superior to sitting down in general. But whilst sitting on this bench, One can almost feel the gravitas […]

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Rajneeshpurnam - Wild Wild Country

Wild Wild Country: scandal and spirituality in the Midwest

From indie one-timer Will Allen’s semi-autobiographical Holy Hell, to bona fide Hollywood giant Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, filmmakers have always been attracted to cults. There is something eerily attractive about life on the inside. The latest addition to the already well-stocked library of documentaries on this subject is Chaplain and Maclain Way’s neat, Netflix-funded […]

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Vasilina Makovtseva in A Gentle Creature

A Gentle Creature: a dark exploration of a ruined people

A Gentle Creature, Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa’s third narrative film, is bleak, grotesque and mercilessly compelling. The title’s ‘gentle creature’ (Vasilina Makovtseva), a Russian woman with her husband behind bars, finds one day that her parcel to him has been returned without explanation. Travelling through a shattered country to discover why her spouse has disappeared […]

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Review: Isle of Dogs

I’m a big fan of Wes Anderson’s work, I won’t lie. Bearing that in mind, I approached the cinema for his latest, Isle of Dogs, with a lot of hope and yet some trepidation. Would he have lost his touch with his 9th film? Flashbacks to watching The Darjeeling Limited, a film that was undeniably […]

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