We “See You”: The Importance of Representation in sitcoms like ‘Kim’s Convenience’

Image Description: A still from the sitcom ‘Kim’s Convenience’ showing the exterior of the titular convenience store In an  early episode of Kim’s Convenience, a gag is made when one of the main characters, (Janet), her cousin from Korea (Nayoung), and Janet’s two non-Korean friends get confused by the complex linguistic formalities of familial address […]

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Rajneeshpurnam - Wild Wild Country

Wild Wild Country: scandal and spirituality in the Midwest

From indie one-timer Will Allen’s semi-autobiographical Holy Hell, to bona fide Hollywood giant Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, filmmakers have always been attracted to cults. There is something eerily attractive about life on the inside. The latest addition to the already well-stocked library of documentaries on this subject is Chaplain and Maclain Way’s neat, Netflix-funded […]

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Review: The Durrells

All of us feel the need to go back to nature. Going away from the mundaneness of life, the mechanical and demanding reality of everyday routine. Summer seems to be the ideal time for a temporary escape in paradise, but what happens when you get the chance to live in a heaven-like place on earth? […]

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