The title card for Fleabag

Fleabag – hilarity powered by sympathy

Anyone turning to Fleabag for the first time cannot but help bring with them a whole parade of preconceptions about modern comedy as it tells the tale of the socially awkward singleton, the overly-open protagonist, the emotionally damaged and manipulative, dishonest and perverted owner of a guinea-pig themed café in London. The creator and main […]

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Chuck Bass: dangerous misogynist

How Gossip Girl normalised abuse

Gossip Girl: the iconic teen drama about the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite, to quote the anonymous blogger herself. A classic binge-watch for countless young adults, the show’s influence is great even six years after its finale, both due to Blair’s notoriously preppy wardrobe and, though by no means the first or last series to […]

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The Beauty of the Bake Off

This year, Love Production moved its multi-million-pound formula from the BBC to Channel 4. The Great British Bake Off has rocketed to the top of Channel 4’s weekly ratings. With an audience of over 8 million per week, GBBO leaves Channel 4’s Gogglebox, Celebrity Island and Location Location Location in the dust. Presenters Noel Fielding […]

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Former women-only college criticised for fielding all-male University Challenge team

St Hugh’s college, originally an all-female college, has attracted criticism for fielding an all-male team on BBC quiz show University Challenge, prompting presenter Jeremy Paxman to joke in the introduction of the show: “On the basis of tonight’s team, we could be forgiven for thinking they’d [men] rather taken it over.” Founded in 1886 by […]

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