Banana Tree Vegan

Review: Veganuary at Banana Tree

The annual month-long celebration of veganism is upon us – Veganuary. As someone who made the decision to eschew animal products seven years ago, I rejoice every time January rolls around. Supermarkets bring out sandwiches which aren’t stuffed with the uninspiring falafel-hummus combination, restaurants reinvent their vegan offerings (gone are the days of ‘house-salad-but-will-you-hold-the-cheese’). The […]

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Carnage: Hard to Swallow

This article contains reference to sexual acts and animal abuse, and graphic images. Carnage inspires laughter, disbelief and disgust. If you hate vegans, you will love it. If you are a vegan, you’ll love it even more. The year is 2067. No one is a vegan – but no one consumes animal products anymore. In this […]

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